Legacy Ranch Support

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Legacy Ranch Support

Legacy Ranch Brazil is going into phaze 2 of the project !!

Phaze 2 consists of the building the 25,000 sf Event Center

with additional outdoor seating !

100% of the donations go directly to the cost of construction.

If you wish to donate 100.00 put 10 in the qty

If you wish to donate 1000.00 put 100 in the qty etc.

100% of any amount you donate is Tax Deductable through the 5013C Non Profit.  


A message from the founders, Mark & Bia Ticen, 

Greetings and I trust this letter finds you well.

I am excited to share with you a vision that holds
the promise of becoming a beacon of hope and inspiration for believers and seekers alike -
Legacy Ranch in the beautiful region of Goias, Brazil.

Legacy Ranch is not just a physical structure; it is a testament to the enduring legacy of faith,
service, and community. The name "Legacy Ranch" holds significance as it carries forward the
vision and dedication of a generation before us, and it is our aspiration that this legacy will
continue to serve thousands with the generations that follow. The ranch, nestled in the beauty
of Goias, is to be a haven for life-changing experiences, providing a platform for churches,
ministries, Christian organizations, and the community to make a profound impact on people
from all walks of life.

Here's a glimpse into the vision that Legacy Ranch embodies:
1. Versatile Venue for Events: Legacy Ranch will serve as a versatile space, offering its
grounds for a variety of events such as worship services, retreats, corp. conferences,
and other personal gatherings. It is also an important stapple for the community,
providing many programs for personal growth that will help change and shape the
region. The peaceful surroundings of Goias will create an atmosphere conducive to a
spiritual connection and personal growth.

2. Platform for Impactful Ministry: One of the core principles of Legacy Ranch is to provide
a platform for churches, ministries, Christian organizations, and the community to share
the life-changing experiences that stem from our faith and the grace of Jesus Christ. The
beautiful areas of the ranch, the river and waterfall, will be used for baptisms, Christian
Camps, and for the connection with God.

3. Guidelines for Responsible Use and Availability: To maintain the integrity of Legacy
Ranch, guidelines have been established for responsible use. The ranch can be available
to organizations and families that adhere to these guidelines, and availability will be
based on a first-come, first-served basis, ensuring fair access to this place of hope.

Looking Ahead: Short Term Goals
As we embark on this exciting phase 2 of growth and expansion, we're guided by our
unwavering dedication to our mission and vision. With each step forward, we're reminded of
the transformative power of collective action and shared purpose. Together, we're not just
building structures; we're changing lives and building the Kingdom.

Join Us: We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey. Whether as a supporter, a
guest, or a collaborator, your presence and participation are integral to our success. Together,
let's continue to shape the future of Legacy Ranch and the communities we serve.

Building the Heart of the Community: The Second Phase of the Legacy Ranch Project

As the Legacy Ranch Project continues to flourish, we're excited to announce our journey into
the Second Phase of construction—a pivotal step towards realizing our vision for a community faith based center.

This phase is about more than just construction; it's about laying down the
foundations of a space that will serve as the location for transformation of the local community
and beyond.

The Blueprint for Growth: At the core of Phase Two is the development of the main center, an
expansive facility designed to host a wide array of events and programs. Spanning over 20,000
square feet, this center will not only accommodate large gatherings but also foster smaller,
more intimate group interactions.

A Space for Everyone: The main center will be a versatile space, equipped to host everything
from significant global events to small group meetings. Individual meeting rooms will offer the
perfect setting for intimate study groups, workshops, and seminars. This flexibility ensures that
the center will be a bustling hub of activity, catering to the diverse needs and interests of the
community and the Kingdom.

Nurturing Minds and Hearts: Beyond its physical structure, the main center will be a beacon of
learning and growth. With a wide range of structured programs, including bible studies,
marriage/personality training, and more, we're committed to providing enriching experiences
that nurture a relationship by faith and brings positivity to the community.

The Path Ahead: Bringing this vision to life will require a collective investment of approximately
$700,000 USD. While the financial journey is significant, the impact of this center on the
community and beyond will be immeasurable. With a projected completion timeline of about
24 months from breaking ground, we're on the cusp of a transformative era for the Legacy
Ranch Project.

Join Us on This Journey: The realization of the main center is a testament to what we can
achieve when we come together for a common purpose. As we embark on this ambitious phase
of construction, we extend an invitation to you—our community, supporters, and friends—to
join us in making this vision a reality.

Your support, whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading the word, is invaluable.
Together, we can build a space that not only meets the immediate needs of our community but
also plants the seeds for a future filled with hope, faith, and shared growth. Together we can
leave a spiritual legacy that will impact many generations for God.

A Legacy of Community and Connection: Phase Two of the Legacy Ranch Project is more than
just an expansion—it's a commitment to the local community's well-being and most
importantly builds God’s Kingdom. As we look forward to the days ahead, we're filled with
anticipation for the stories that will unfold within the walls of the main center. Stories of
learning, laughter, healing, and connection.

Stay tuned for updates as we progress on this exciting journey. Together, let's build a legacy of
community, connection, and transformative impact.

Expanding the Legacy: Phase Three of the Legacy Ranch Project
As we continue to nurture the seeds of change planted by the Legacy Ranch Project, we're
thrilled to unveil our ambitious plans for Phase Three: an expansion that not only broadens our
physical footprint but also enriches the experiences we offer to our community and guest.

Long-Term Goals: In our journey toward sustainable community and personal impact, Phase
Three marks a significant milestone. At the heart of this phase lies the acquisition of an
additional 20 acres of land, propelling us into a new era of possibilities. This expansion will
facilitate the development of a cluster of single dwelling cabins, each meticulously designed to
cater to the diverse needs of our guests and staff of corporate groups.

Expanding Accommodation: One of the cornerstones of Phase Three is the introduction of 12
to 15 new cabin, each boasting three bedrooms and two bathrooms. These thoughtfully crafted
cabins will serve a dual purpose: providing comfortable overnight stays for guests and offering
accommodations for staff during larger events hosted at the ranch.

Enhancing Guest Experience: The addition of these homes isn't just about expanding our
capacity; it's about enhancing the quality of experiences we offer. Whether its families seeking
a serene getaway, event attendees looking for a convenient lodging option, or corporate staff
members ensuring seamless operations of large events, these homes will serve as sanctuaries
of comfort and convenience.

Multi-Functional Utilization: While primarily intended for overnight stays during events, these
homes will also be available for multi-night stays for those seeking extended services or
opportunities at the ranch. This flexibility ensures that our facilities remain dynamic and
accessible, catering to a wide spectrum of needs and preferences.

Community Impact: Beyond the confines of our property lines, Phase Three represents a
continued commitment to the local community and its well-being. By expanding our offerings
and accessibility, we're fostering a deeper connection and creating opportunities for
meaningful engagement and collaboration.

As we embark on this collective journey of faith, let us be reminded that your support will not
only build a physical structure but will create a home for countless hearts seeking that deep
connection and filling a void that many people are searching to fill. Thank you for considering
this invitation, and we eagerly anticipate your partnership in Legacy Ranch.

Blessings from Legacy Ranch,
Mark and Bia Ticen - Founders of Legacy Ranch