Legacy Ranch Support

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Legacy Ranch Support

Legacy Ranch Brazil is going into phaze 2 of the project !!

Phaze 2 consists of the building the 25,000 sf Event Center

with additional outdoor seating !

100% of the donations go directly to the cost of construction.

If you wish to donate 100.00 put 10 in the qty

If you wish to donate 1000.00 put 100 in the qty etc.

100% of any amount you donate is Tax Deductable through the 5013C Non Profit.  


A message from the founders, Mark & Bia Ticen, 

Thank You for your Interest in Legacy Ranch,

Greetings and I trust this letter finds you well. I am excited to share with you a vision that holds the promise of becoming a beacon of hope and inspiration for believers and seekers alike - Legacy Ranch in the beautiful region of Goias, Brazil.

Legacy Ranch is not just a physical structure; it is a testament to the enduring legacy of faith, service, and community. The name "Legacy Ranch" holds significance as it carries forward the vision and dedication of a generation before us, and it is our aspiration that this legacy will continue to serve thousands with the generations that follow. The ranch, nestled in the beauty of Goias, is to be a haven for life-changing experiences, providing a platform for churches, ministries, Christian organizations, and the community to make a profound impact on people from all walks of life.

However, the realization of this vision requires financial support to keep the project moving forward and we are seeking support from individuals and organizations who share our commitment to building a legacy of faith and service. Your donation will contribute to the construction, maintenance, and accessibility of Legacy Ranch, allowing it to become a cornerstone for transformative experiences for generations to come.

Some Where Forever, a nonprofit committed to making a lasting difference in the lives of individuals, has joined hands with Legacy Ranch to extend their reach and build a community where hope and faith flourish. Legacy Ranch, known for its dedication to fostering spiritual growth and providing support to those in need, has found a strong ally in Some Where Forever.

Through their partnership, these organizations are working together to offer a sanctuary where individuals can find peace, support, and the transformative power of Christ's love.

The funds raised through this donation campaign will directly contribute to the construction and maintenance of facilities at Legacy Ranch. These facilities will serve as spaces for prayer, counseling for young adults, programs to build stronger marriages and build community gatherings—providing a haven where people can connect with Christ and discover the hope that transcends life's challenges. Legacy Ranch will be the first development of its kind in the entire region of Goias, Brazil. The ranch will also provide a platform to employ individuals, teach them strong morals and ethics, and allow them to make a difference in the community.

Your support is crucial to the success of this endeavor. By contributing to Some Where Forever/Legacy Ranch, you become an integral part of a movement that spreads love, compassion, and hope. Your donation will not only help build physical structures but will also contribute to the creation of an environment where personal growth and a connection with Christ can flourish.

To donate, please visit the official website at https://somewhereforever.com. Your generosity will play a pivotal role in bringing hope to those who need it most. To learn more about this meaningful endeavor, please contact Mark and Bia directly at 512-839-3544 as we would like to personally meet with you to discuss this project and how you support the vision.

Here's a glimpse into the vision that Legacy Ranch embodies:

  1. Versatile Venue for Events: Legacy Ranch will serve as a versatile space, offering its grounds for a variety of events such as worship services, retreats, corp. conferences, and other personal gatherings. It is also an important stapple for the community, providing many programs for personal growth that will help change and shape the region. The lush surroundings of Goias will create an atmosphere conducive to a spiritual connection and personal growth.
  2. Platform for Impactful Ministry: One of the core principles of Legacy Ranch is to provide a platform for churches, ministries, Christian organizations, and the community to share the life-changing experiences that stem from our faith and the grace of Jesus Christ. The beautiful areas of the ranch, the river and waterfall, will be used for baptisms, Christian Camps, and for the connection with God.
  3. Guidelines for Responsible Use and Availability: To maintain the integrity of Legacy Ranch, guidelines have been established for responsible use. The ranch can be available to organizations and families that adhere to these guidelines, and availability will be based on a first-come, first-served basis, ensuring fair access to this place of hope.

As we embark on this collective journey of faith, let us be reminded that your support will not only build a physical structure but will create a home for countless hearts seeking that deep connection and filling a void that many people are searching to fill. Thank you for considering this invitation, and we eagerly anticipate your partnership in Legacy Ranch.

Blessings from Legacy Ranch,

Mark and Bia Ticen

Founders of Legacy Ranch