About Us

In 1999 in Houston, Texas, God gave David Teekell a burden to present the Gospel in a clear and Biblical manner using available technology. After much prayer, and in His perfect timing, God provided the people, the resources, and the capability to produce our first video. Jim Shetler hosted that video and it was entitled “How to Know Heaven will be your Eternal Home”.

In 2005, the ministry relocated to the campuses of Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio. University students took part in running the ministry and learned how churches and individuals spread the Gospel message using this important evangelism tool. The original VHS tape was converted to DVD format and an updated version was produced hosted by Ken Kettering and entitled “Where Will You Spend Eternity”. In addition a Spanish version of the DVD was produced.

In 2013, the ministry became more “virtual” with shipments made from Waynesville, Ohio and support staff located in Raleigh, North Carolina. A new, youth-oriented version is now in the planning stages with filming planned for the summer 2015.

God has surely blessed this ministry and allowed us to provide this outreach tool to those who request it from around the world. To date, over100,000 videos and DVDs have been shipped allowing the spread of the Gospel message to many in need. From individuals who want to reach friends, family members, and co-workers to community outreach efforts that want to reach hospitals, pregnancy centers, and jail cells, this clear Gospel message is one of hope. It is a privilege to help deliver the Gospel message to those in search of the hope that can be found only in Christ.




“How can I use this video”? Often this is the first question we receive from Pastors who view the Somewhere Forever DVD’s. We find most Pastors immediately have an idea or two but want more creative ways to integrate this into their ministry outreach. This is exciting to us!

We are always hearing of wonderful ways God is using this tool around the world. In fact, the more we talk with Pastors, the more testimonies we receive. Check out some of the ways hundreds of Churches are currently reaching people with this Gospel video:

  • Members can give copies to relatives, neighbors, and co-workers

  • Every first-time visitor to your church receives one in a welcome packet

Various outreach Ministries:

  • New move-ins

  • Youth car washes

  • Door-to-door programs

  • Parents of AWANA children

  • Bus route parents

  • Sunday School classes

  • Shut-ins

  • Fair and festival booths

  • Funerals

  • Evangelism classes

  • Prison Ministries

  • Nursing home ministries

  • Somewhere Forever

  • Contests

These are a few of the many possibilities. If you are constrained by time in following up with this, please have an associate, secretary, or deacon give us a call at (281) 290-6436, and we will assist your church with new and creative ideas to use Somewhere Forever videos in your ministry outreach.